Calendar of Events

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Navy League is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year! Stay tuned for more info!



1 – Navy League Corps Branch Inspection Period (until Dec 31)
14 – AdminO Training – Lower Mainland
27 – BCMD Interior Mainland NCO Training Course (until Sep 29) (NLC)
30 – Registration Deadline – BC9 and BC51 forms due to the Commander


18 – BCMD Annual General Meeting in Kelowna (until Oct 20)
25 – BCMD Lower Mainland NCO Training Course (until Oct 27) (NLC)


2 – Salue to Veterans BC Lions Game
11 – Remembrance Day Parades (all)


23 – Christmas Break (until Jan 3, 2020) (all)


  1. Navy League Inspection Time Frames are always the same, as per the NL(8):
    • Branch Inspection Period: – September 1 to December 31
    • Divisional Inspection Period: – January 1 to April 15
    • Annual Inspection Period: – April 16 to June 30
  2. All dates are subject to change. We will do our best to inform branches and COs ahead of time.
  3. The forms required can be found in the Forms and Publications menu above. NL forms are found on the National Navy League Forms page
  4. Monthly Routine Orders – BC5 is to be submitted to all Area Officers and the BCMD Navy League Chair, Ms Cathy Rabideau no later than the 10th of each month.
  5. Deadline for submissions of completed and approved Inspection Forms to the Division Commander is 7 days after the inspection date.
  6. If not stated otherwise, payment must be made with deadline registration paperwork. Corps who have not registered and paid by the deadline on this calendar will not be allowed to attend the event!
  7. * For Officer of the Year award, this award is a BCMD award, not a National award.