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AGM 2018 in Kelowna

Another AGM has been completed! With lots of information going back to the many Navy League Branches, Cadet Corps and Sea Cadet Corps, we are sure to continue providing the best possible experience for the youth under our care!

A big thanks to all of our supporters and special guests!

Updated: Here are two important documents for members:

The Cantankerous Mr. Coombs

Lt(NL) C Mah has written a book aimed for youth 9-12 years of age. He has provided it free of cost to our members.

This is a book about three kids in grade seven, the Alderbrook Musketeers, who know an elderly man down the street named Walter Coombs who is cantankerous. They attend Joseph Coombs Elementary School and soon find out that after Walter Coombs passes away, a story evolves about his service in World War 2 and his relationship to the namesake of the school and their history teacher. This book will give the cadets a sense of what it is like for those kids who are not cadets, but are learning about our veterans, Remembrance Day and how we salute them. They will also learn about helping out in the community for the less fortunate. Follow along with these kids as they see a side of life that they have not been exposed to. The book is fun and engaging.

The Cantankerous Mr. Coombs Book docx