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Awards Season is upon us!

Our Cadets, and the volunteers who support them, make a substantial contribution to the future of our Nation through their dedication to the aims and vision of The Navy League of Canada. It is important for the Navy League to recognize these efforts through a comprehensive Awards and Recognition program. Given that effective recognition programs can be a critical factor in the retention of cadets and volunteers alike, and can also create public awareness opportunities, it is in the best interest of each  branch to be proactive and discuss with volunteers, Officers & cadets over the next few weeks. 

This year’s deadline for the Navy League Medal of excellence award applications is February 19th

The Application Process

To nominate any individual or organization for an award, complete the NL(104)E Award Application Form. Submit this form, along with any supporting documentation, to the appropriate authority in the nominee’s chain-of-command:

  • If the person being nominated is a cadet or staff at a corps, the application should go to the corps’ Commanding Officer.
  • If the person being nominated is a corps CO, branch member or a community supporter, then the application goes to the branch.
  • If the person being nominated is a Branch President, Division Member, Division or RCSU Staff Officer or a Division Supporter then the application goes to Bev Lovell at division.

Sea Cadet Awards

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Division Music Award

May be awarded annually to recognize the effort of a Sea Cadet in the pursuit of musical excellence.  Nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a member of an authorized Sea Cadet Band;
  • To have completed a minimum of two years service as a member of a Cadet Band;
  • To be an level IV instrumentalist – this is to be the minimum requirement for a nomination;
  • To have contributed outstanding participation in Cadet Parades,
  • maintained an outstanding dress, deportment, drill, conduct, manner and dependability.

The award is in the form of a Division Music Certificate and/or Trophy.

Corps Officers engagements or performances for his/her Cadet Corps and/or Navy League Branch;
  • To have demonstrated outstanding loyalty to his/her Cadet Corps;
  • To have shown exceptional dedication and leadership to the Cadet Music Training Program and to nominate a cadet for this award using the following procedure:
    • Complete National Award Application NL 104, along with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Music Award Nomination Form

Navy League Medal of Excellence

May be awarded annually to the most proficient Navy League Cadets and Royal Canadian Sea Cadets within each Division. To be eligible for this award, the cadet must have:

  • Attended a minimum of 80% of all activities in the current training year
  • Achieved the rank of Petty Officer first class or higher
  • Consistently set an outstanding personal example of dress and deportment
  • Demonstrated a thorough grasp of cadet training, as indicated by promotions, examinations and previous awards
  • Demonstrated good citizenship through community service activities.

The Award is in the form of a certificate and a medal to be worn on the right breast of the uniform. The Award will be issued by the National Office for presentation by the Branch. The award is issued based on a quota of 1 medal for every 200 cadets (or part thereof), excluding the medal awarded each to Division Cadet of the Year.

Corps Officers may nominate a cadet for this award using the following procedure:

  • Complete NL (104) Award Application Form
  • Cadet Information Card (CIC) for Sea Cadets;
  • Commanding Officer Letter of Recommendation
  • Branch President Letter of Recommendation
  • Cadet Resume
  • Cadet Biography (impact of the Cadet Program)
  • Photo of Cadet Applicant participating in the program

Corps Commanding Officers will review the applications, and if supportive, endorse the application by attaching a letter of reference and asking the cadet to submit a resume, a 1-2 page biography of their cadet experience, and a photo in uniform (photos are not used for evaluation, but may be used for promotional use such as newsletters, websites, etc). Corps Commanding Officers will then submit the application to the Branch President.

The Branch President (or their designate) will review any applications submitted, and if supportive, endorse the application by attaching a letter of reference. The Branch will then submit the application to the Division for consideration for the Medal of Excellence and as the Division Cadet of the Year.

Divisions shall select and award the Medals of Excellence based on their quota and also select the Division Cadets of the Year from this list of Medal of Excellence Nominees.

Sea Cadet Medal of Excellence information

Application Deadline: March 15th  2018

Late applications will not be accepted.

  1. Navy League Medal of Excellence
    The Sea Cadet Navy League Medal of Excellence shall be awarded annually by each Division to the most proficient Royal Canadian Sea Cadet(s) within the Division. The number of Medals awarded is calculated at 1 per 200 Cadets or part thereof and will be sent out in January with the National Award Quota. The top Cadet in that Division medal shall have a Gold Bar affixed to it (one anchor for Sea Cadets) and worn on the right breast of the uniform. The medal may only be awarded once to a Cadet, but they may have their submission for Sea Cadet of the Year forwarded more than once. The National Cadet of the Year will receive two Gold bars for their medal and the number two Cadet of the Division will become the Division Cadet of the year.

Branches with a Corps with over 60 cadets may submit two (2) applications, IF they feel they have viable candidates.

Branches with corps under 60 cadets may submit only one application per unit.

  1. Prerequisites
    To be eligible for the Sea Cadet Navy League Medal of Excellence Award, the Sea Cadet must have:
  • Attended a minimum of 80% of all activities in the current training year;
  • Achieved the rank of Petty Officer First Class or higher;
  • Consistently set an outstanding personal example of dress and deportment;
  • Demonstrated a thorough grasp of cadet training, as indicated by promotions, and previous awards; and
  • Demonstrated good citizenship through community service activities.
  1. Application / Documentation
    Supporting documentation for the Medal of Excellence Award is to be received by BCMD in the following order:
  • A Title Page; keep it simple; Cadet’s name, rank and corps
  • Completed /signed NL104(E); signed by the branch president and the nominating officer
  • Resume; that includes rank, cadet experiences and course qualifications, including summer training; (Remember to include community service and athletic achievements as well as high school education)
  • Commanding Officer’s letter of recommendation;
  • Branch President’s letter of recommendation;
  • Cadet essay/autobiography of how and what the Cadet programme has meant to him / her up to 750 words; ie. explaining a significant cadet event or events that have contributed to the success of the individual’s cadet experience; this may include summer training, leadership experiences, what the cadet experience means to the individual
  • Letters of Recommendation (letters from peers and family are not appropriate) should include:
  • citizenship
  • volunteer work and/or sports – from Schools, Legion or other interested parties (up to a maximum of six)
  • you may include copies of relevant awards, and certificates that relate to the successes and skills of the cadet; and
  • Application must include one full body photo of the Sea Cadet in

Remember the content is what is important, so don’t feel pressured to create a work of art. This can be off-putting for applicants, therefore include the requested materials and put it together completely and neatly.

If sending by:

  • email please combine the documents into a PDF in the order outlined above
  • If mailing a hard copy please place all the documentation in a duo tang or presentation folder in the order outlined above

NL(21) Administrative Orders  page 26 is a useful reference.

  1. Send completed applications by email to Bev Lovell – BC Mainland Sea Cadet Chair/Awards and Recognition Chair at [email protected]

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email to Bev Lovell.

Helpful forms

NL(104)E – Awards Application Form
NL(21) Administrative Orders
BCMD–2018 Sea Cadet MOE Instructions

CPO2 Toderovich – Navy League Cadet of the Year 2017

 Lyle Toderovich received recognition for achieving excellence when he was in cadets while growing up in Alberta.

Now, 47 years later, history repeated itself when Toderovich’s son Vincent, was recently recognized for excellence in cadets in B.C.

The local 12-year-old Navy League of Canada cadet was honoured as B.C.’s Cadet of the Year and awarded the Medal of Excellence recognizing his leadership, marksmanship, drill team and first aid skills.

Vincent, a Grade 6 student at Pinewood elementary school and member of the local cadet corps 142 Aurora, started in the Navy League cadets at nine years old.

Lyle achieved accolades in first aid and marksmanship.

“My time in cadets was a really great time,” Lyle said, leaning over an old photo album that held the yellowed newspaper clippings describing his achievements. “When my son saw this he was quite surprised and encouraged but he didn’t really need much encouragement because he’s always been inside himself a military type of person. He studied the World Wars and tank battles. He was always completely interested right from when he was very small.”

Vincent got his start in the Navy League cadets at a special annual event in Prince George.

“I was at Canada Day a few years back and there was this army tent that I usually liked to go to and I’d been down there so many times that one of the soldiers said I should join cadets,” Vincent said. “They told me where to go and how to join so that’s how it started off.”

Navy League of Canada cadets are geared for youth between nine and 12 years old and features activities like boating, sports and music while focusing on leadership, citizenship and teamwork.

In 142 Aurora, there are 31 cadets and at least 12 officer and civilian instructors.

The time commitment sees cadets attend regular meetings every Monday evening from 6 to 8:30 p.m. and volunteer to raise funds for the corps several times a year as well as attend summer camp where they receive outdoor adventure training. They also participate in parades and honour veterans several ways including at the Cougars hockey game, as well as at the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

“It is fun to go to cadets,” Vincent said.

“It’s taught me a lot of things, helped me a lot, and taught me leadership, life skills, how to be a good citizen and a lot more.”

Vincent is the coxswain of the cadet corps, which means he’s the most senior-ranking cadet and uses the traditional Navy bosun’s call to give his commands, Commanding Officer of 142 Aurora Lt. (NL) Tom Taylor explained. Taylor’s son Camron was awarded the Medal of Excellence four years ago.

There are more than 400 cadets in 12 Navy League corps in the province.

“The coxswain is usually the most proficient cadet and if he can maintain that then the corps runs well, the kids respect him and those things are noticed and that’s what gets him submitted (as a candidate for Cadet of the Year, Medal of Excellence),” Taylor said.

Vincent is drill team captain, and first aid team captain as well as the coxswain. Vincent was honoured at a provincial competition where each first aid team was given a variety of different situations. 142 Aurora took top honours and Vincent was recognized as top team captain as well.

“I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful child,” Lyle said. “He has a great moral code and in a sense he’s teaching me as much as I try to guide him.”

Taylor said when he looks back at his time with Vincent, it’s very moving.

“It’s almost a teary moment because you’re very proud to know that you were part of it,” Taylor said who has been volunteering since 2009.

“And that’s why we do the program – for those ah-ha moments and you think ‘that was worth it’ and then you come back again next year.”

Vincent already has a plan that he thinks might work in his future, he said.

“So I already finished junior Navy and now I’m going to join Army cadets (for those between 12 and 19),” Vincent said with a smile.

“And then I believe we have a reserve here – a division – and so I might join that and then the rest is history.”

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The Cantankerous Mr. Coombs

Lt(NL) C Mah has written a book aimed for youth 9-12 years of age. He has provided it free of cost to our members.

This is a book about three kids in grade seven, the Alderbrook Musketeers, who know an elderly man down the street named Walter Coombs who is cantankerous. They attend Joseph Coombs Elementary School and soon find out that after Walter Coombs passes away, a story evolves about his service in World War 2 and his relationship to the namesake of the school and their history teacher. This book will give the cadets a sense of what it is like for those kids who are not cadets, but are learning about our veterans, Remembrance Day and how we salute them. They will also learn about helping out in the community for the less fortunate. Follow along with these kids as they see a side of life that they have not been exposed to. The book is fun and engaging.

The Cantankerous Mr. Coombs Book docx

CHEK News talks with Navy League and Sea Cadets

CHEK News did a video segment about the Navy League and Sea Cadet program in Sidney, BC.

Deborah Morrow (VP, Public Affairs, Navy League of Canada (BC)) talks with the host about the Navy League program in a 15 minute video, showing off many of the activities the cadets participate in. This includes ropework, boat building, drill, and sailing for these cadets.

Watch the video on CHEK News’ website