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When to use this page

This page is meant for getting answers from the people in charge, but requires that you have gone through your proper chain of command. If you need to contact someone, please ensure you are CC’ing your immediate supervisor or your CO for all communication.

While we try to use the Chain of Command everywhere we can, this means we need to solve issues at the lowest possible level – Start with your Commanding Officer before emailing any of these contacts!


President – Ms Denise Robson
New Corps Development / Immediate Past President – Mr David Hood
1st Vice President / Sea Cadet Chair – Ms Bev Lovell
2nd Vice President / Navy League Chair – Mrs Cathy Rabideau
Treasurer – Ms Pat Wingfield
Volunteer Screening / Secretary – Ms Karie Rabideau
Awards & Recognition / Scholarships – Ms Bev Lovell

BCMD Command Staff

BCMD Commander – Cdr(NL) Ester Barone
BCMD Training Officer – LCdr(NL) Cliff Mah
BCMD Standard Officer – LCdr(NL) Christopher Young
BCMD Administration Officer – LCdr(NL) Coralee Dixon
BCMD Director of Music – LCdr(NL) Cliff Mah
BCMD Range Safety Officer – LCdr(NL) Christopher Young
BCMD Northern Officer – LCdr(NL) Tom Taylor

Tech Support

BCMD Technology – Luke Barone
Database Support – Database Support