Forms and Publications

You can download a variety of the BC forms here, as well as documentation and manuals for BCMD, including training manuals. Note: BC Forms are in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed, you can use the free application LibreOffice to open, edit and print the following forms

List of BC Forms


BC(01) – Navy League Cadet Statement of Medical
BC(02) – Navy League Cadet Training Record (deprecated)
BC(03) – Parent/Guardian Approval for Cadet Exercise (NLCC)
BC(04)G – Guide to BC(04) form, Transfer to Sea Cadets
BC(05) – Monthly Routine Orders (template)
BC(07) – Officer Kitlist (NLCC) (Updated: September 12, 2016)
BC(08) – Navy League Officer Evaluation Form
BC(09) – Navy League Branch / Officer Information Form (Updated: January 6, 2017)
BC(10) – Navy League Inspection Information Form (Guide) (Updated: March 8, 2018)

BC(11)G – Guide to Application for Navy League Cadet of the Year
BC(12) – New Entry Nominal Roll / Checklist
BC(13) – Mandatory Parade Absentee Form
BC(14) – Temporary Stores Record
BC(15) – Navy League Stores Muster
BC(16) – Divisional Kit Muster
BC(17) – Class Attendance Report
BC(18) – Cadet Activity Record
BC(18)-A – Officer Activity Record
BC(19) – Navy League Control Roster / Gangway Book (Visitors)
BC(20) – Defaulters Charge Form

BC(21) – Master Defaulters Record
BC(22) – Navy League Corps Change of Command
BC(24) – Letter of Intent (Deprecated – Use NL(13) instead)
BC(27) – Navy League Officer Statement of Medical Fitness (Updated: September 19, 2017)
BC(28) – Navy League Officer Training Record
BC(29) – Reviewing Officer’s Narrative
BC(30) – NLCC Visit Report
BC(31) – BCMD Branch Assessment Form

BC(40) – National Council Stationary Order Form
BC(41) – Record of Telephone Conversation
BC(50)– Navy League Corps Competition / Training Weekend Registration Form (Guide) (Updated: December 5, 2018)
BC(51) – Inspection Date Request Form
BC(52) – Officer Training Weekend Registration Form (Updated: June 22, 2018)

BC(100)P – BCMD Standards Manual
BC(140) – Purchase Orders Form
BCMD NCO Course Manual
BCMD Band Manual
BCMD Officer Training Course Manual
BCMD First Aid Manual

Navy League National Forms/Publications

Forms / Publications are updated from time to time. Please refer to their site for updated information.

NLOC Officer’s Wardroom has all the information for officers to qualify for their ranks. Officers wishing to be promoted must complete the study packages for their rank qualifications, it must be signed off by your Commanding Officer, and you must attend Officer Training in Summer for your qualification. These are required for all officers nationwide.

Info on filling in forms through Google Apps

For more information, please email the Tech Officer with your name, your corps name, and what you are trying to accomplish.