NLCC 204 Kenneth Grant Corps Divisional Inspection 2017 – highlights

NLCC 204 Kenneth Grant Corps held their 2017 Divisional Inspection on Wednesday, February 8th on the Sunshine Coast. Below are pictures submitted by the Commanding Officer, SLt(NL) J Glencross

Marking cadets

Cdr(NL) E Barone (BCMD), Lt(NL) C Young (BCMD), Garry Singbeil (Representative from Gibsons Legion 109), A/SLt(NL) J Glencross (CO, Gibsons Navy League), Stephanie Biggs (Canadian Naval Association representative)

Checking Corps paperwork – Lt(NL) A Skellenger, Lt(NL) C Young (inspecting ), Branch president Tina Poirier, Cmd (NL) E Barone (left); 832 Stephanie Biggs, Gibsons Legion 109 (center);  Garry Singbeil, WO B Petersen (2963 Seaforth Army Cadets) helps out as instructor.

Cadets getting ready for Sunset and announcements

PO2 A Adebahr being promoted to Petty Officer First Class

General announcements to the Corps

Acting Sub-Lieutenant (NL) J Glencross being promoted to SLt(NL). He is no longer acting, and will have to do the real job now!!!!

Finishing up the parade. Bravo Zulu to all the cadets and officers for making the inspection a success!