Quadra Education Foundation – Accepting Applications

The Board of Directors of the Quadra Education Foundation wish to announce that the QEF is now accepting applications for scholarships, which will be awarded at the Alumni Weekend at HMCS Quadra in August, 2018.

It is anticipated that this year, the QEF will be in a position to award 9 scholarships having a total value in excess of $10,000. These scholarships are being made possible through the generosity of the Canadian Learning Trust, the Naval Association of Canada – Endowment Fund, Seaspan, two professional maritime associations and members of the Alumni Association of HMCS Quadra.

Cadets and officers currently serving in Quadra, former cadets and officers who have served in Quadra and their children are legible to apply for a scholarship so long as they are enrolled in a Canadian Post-Secondary institute of education.

The policy for the granting of scholarships, the scholarship application and instructions relating thereto can be found on the Quadra Education Foundation website.