BC Mainland Division

LSA Information

Below are the 6 attachments from RCSU(P) for Branches to use and claim LSA funding for their Sea Cadet Corps.
  1. Cdt-192-Invoice-Apr-2021 [XLSX]
  2. PRCI-613-Annex-A-NEW-IMPROVED [PDF]
  3. Helpful-tips-for-invoicing [PDF]
  4. CATO-17-34 [PDF]
  5. Invoice-register-for-SC [XLSX]
  6. System-generates-automatic-email-to-inform-you-a-payment-is-coming [PDF]

Local Support Allocation (LSA) for Sea Cadet Corps – RCSU(P) recommends submitting LSA invoices (cdt 192) throughout the year, roughly every 3 months. For the 2022 – 2023 budget year, your LSA allotment will be similar to the published limits from 2021- 2022. We should not expect any surplus funds being available, however still submit all your eligible LSA expenses.

RCSU(P) Financially Supported Activities – Remember any reimbursement required for financially supported Corps days/activities should be submitted within 45 days of the event with a TSR number on the invoice (cdt 192). Financially supported activities are in addition to the LSA allotment.