BC Mainland Division

Become a Navy League of Canada Volunteer with British Columbia Mainland Division

Volunteer In order to be a volunteer with the Navy League of Canada program you must be: The Navy League of Canada has an application process for its volunteers which includes a screening requirement that serves two main purposes: As part of the screening process, volunteers will be required to provide a current criminal record check with the vulnerable sector screening.

Is There Training for Volunteers?

Yes. All Navy League of Canada volunteers are provided opportunities for development of skills that will undoubtedly benefit you in your career as well. These include weekend training in leadership and instructional techniques.

What Other Benefits Are There?

We value the service of our volunteers. In addition to the joy and fulfillment you gain from volunteering, the Navy League of Canada has a comprehensive awards and recognition program. Awards are presented at the local, regional and national levels.

Where is the nearest corps?

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Where Do I Sign Up?

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Or email Bev Lovell, with your name, contact information and location. We will connect you with a corps in your area so you can meet with a commanding officer in person to discuss the current volunteer needs of that corps.