BC Mainland Division


Navy League of Canada
The National Navy League website. Resources for Officers, Parents and Cadets involved with Navy League
The National Cadets Canada website for Sea Air and Army Cadets

Transfer Form
Corps to Corps Equipment Transfer Form

Google Classroom Resources
Google Classroom Resources for Officers

Google Meet Resources
Training and help for Google Meet

Video Conferencing Tips
Tips for video conferences in zoom

Public Speaking
Public Speaking for Leading Cadets


Below are the 6 attachments from RCSU(P) for Branches to use and claim LSA funding for their Sea Cadet Corps.
  1. Cdt-192-Invoice-Jan-2019 [XLSX]
  2. PRCI-613-Annex-A-NEW-IMPROVED [PDF]
  3. Helpful-tips-for-invoicing [PDF]
  4. CATO-17-34 [PDF]
  5. Invoice-register-for-SC [XLSX]
  6. System-generates-automatic-email-to-inform-you-a-payment-is-coming [PDF]

Enter Google Classroom

Enter Google Classroom

Enter Rollcall

Enter Rollcall