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July 21st 2021
Introducing CPO2 Joanne Chung from RCSCC 201 Grilse – PoCoMo Branch, she had chosen to volunteer with MOVE4MANA during her senior year of high school.




What inspired you to volunteer with this organization?

MOVE4MANA began at Heritage Woods Secondary school. It has been here ever since I came to high school. The activists in the organization in the beginning were the true inspiration to why I wanted to join this amazing opportunity. Seeing their roles and passion for this organization has pushed me to join this family. To be in an organization with young people that share a huge passion like me is truly an inspiration. Moreover, having a passionate teacher is another bonus to my inspiration.

What roles have you played within this organization?

In MOVE4MANA, I became an active member of the events team which involved hosting events, draws, etc. It was very significant for me to not only participate, but also implement my ideas to make fun activities that would motivate students to take part in. I am also the co-leader for the art team, and this mainly involved my promotional skills by creating art pieces to put up in the school. As a co-leader it was important for me to communicate with my team members, delegate tasks and so much more. Additionally, as an activist my duties have involved in me generating new ideas to further promote and enhance the organization, recruit new members, participate in promotional videos, communicate with all my team members, and have meetings with the MOVE4MANA officials.

Why do you continue to volunteer with this organization?

Unfortunately, this was my very first and my last year for MOVE4MANA due to the fact that I am graduating. However, even though this is my last year, I am motivated to spread the word about this moving forward because I believe this organization will be our world’s biggest salvation. 

What is your favourite memory volunteering with this organization?

My favourite memory when volunteering with this organization was the final event of MOVE4MANA. It was for the top teams to participate in. From this event, the team who finishes all the given tasks the fastest would win. This was super exciting because every team was super competitive and it was fun hosting my station. Not only that, but having weekly discussions with the MOVE4MANA officials, my teacher and my team was one of my favourite memories too. From those discussions, not only do I learn, but I get inspired more and more. Everyone has intelligent ideas and goals that I just wish more people could hear about. I really hope to see MOVE4MANA thrive further throughout Canada and hopefully the world.

What does this organization do to impact or improve your community?

MOVE4MANA is an organization that motivates people to get active so their physical activities can add up to good points which would then be converted into ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) packets. These packets would then be shipped to developing countries to support the children under the age of five with severe acute malnutrition. This challenge lasts for 30 days and the main goal is to save as many lives as we can.

What else do you want us to know?

I have never come across an organization like MOVE4MANA, it has truly changed my perspective of the world. I hope more people get involved in this organization and grow a strong passion for it like I did. Not only is it an amazing opportunity, but a chance for you to change a life for the better.

CPO2 Chung, Joanne 

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