BC Mainland Division


Divisional and National Award Winners 2023

July 17th 2023

Navy League Division Cadet of the Year CPO2 Prema O'Grady - NLCC Admiral Stirling Medal of Excellence PO1 Jessie Craig - NLCC Okanagan LC Theo Poon - NLCC MJ Miller PO2 Matthew Vermiere - NLCC Honorable Clarence Wallace Navy League Award of Commendation PO1 Oliver Hoey - NLCC Honorable Clarence Wallace Sea Cadets Division Cadet of the Year CPO1 Graeme Bradford   ▸

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Awesome Volunteer - LCdr. Shaun Tofsrud

November 28th 2022

LCdr. Shaun Tofsrud has had two and a half decades worth of experience between being a cadet and as an officer. It would be fair to say that he has been able to help many youth achieve and succeed their goals and dreams. And as an officer, that is the   ▸

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HMCS Quadra Cadets

September 30th 2022

This past summer saw the return of summer camps for Sea, Army and Air Cadets. While some our younger BC Mainland Division cadets participated in Cadet Activity Programs closer to home, a number of the older cadets returned to Cadet Training Centres in Vernon and Comox. If you haven’t checked   ▸

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April 3rd 2022

AWESOME CADET: MEET CINDY CUI - 2021 National Music Sea Cadet New Westminster Branch102 RCSCC FraserCindy Cui "My time as a cadet has changed my life"Confidence sets us up for lifelong success. It is one of the key factors to helping children navigate through adulthood. Hence, for any child, it   ▸

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