BC Mainland Division



March 27th 2022

AWESOME CADET : MEET EMILY MOWAT - 2021 National Navy League Cadet.

Central Fraser Valley Branch
125 NLCC Columbia

Emily Mowat " It made me a better person than I was before joining"

Emily Mowat has worn many hats such as the Marker, Divisional Petty Officer, Messenger, Quartermaster, and Coxswain. She is not only known for her recognition as the recipient of the 2019 Eliot Memorial Award (NLCC 125 Columbia) but also known as the only Cadet that participated in playing O’ Canada and Sunset during Parade Nights. Above all this, Emily Mowat is the recipient of the Navy League Medal of Excellence Award and National Navy League Cadet of the Year.
In this edition of Awesome Cadets, she shares her excitement as an award winner and her advice to potential cadets. Enjoy!

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