BC Mainland Division



April 3rd 2022

AWESOME CADET: MEET CINDY CUI - 2021 National Music Sea Cadet

New Westminster Branch
102 RCSCC Fraser

Cindy Cui "My time as a cadet has changed my life"

Confidence sets us up for lifelong success. It is one of the key factors to helping children navigate through adulthood. Hence, for any child, it is very important to ensure that they are groomed to have a positive self-image, competent and super confident abilities.
Today, as always, we proudly raise our glasses to celebrate the Navy League of Canada for actively supporting young Canadians to become more aware of the world around them, become self-sufficient and confident in their skills. Throughout our programs, Cadets, like Cindy Cui learn to develop a genuine interest in their community’s well-being and are equipped with good leadership skills to become active citizens.

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